Thank you RIBESKIN x Pyfaesthetic Symposium in Jeju 2023 during 31 Oct ~ 3 Nov!

Hello, we are RIBESKIN!

We recently had a JEJU Symposium for the VIP doctors from Indonesia. The symposium was held for 4 days starting from 31 October till the 3 November in Jeju island. Guest speakers; Dr.Chung, plastic surgeon from Korea, and Dr. Radu from Romania were invited to offer in depth case studies and training. Apart from the education & training, various programs such as RIBESKIN treatment experience and Jeju island tour took parts.

First session on the education & training day was led by Dr.Chung who is practicing as a plastic surgeon at Wonjin Plastic Clinic in Gangnam. Dr. Chung shared his knowledge and experiences with RIBESKIN PINK treatmentsTurtlepin and Dr.MAL. Live demonstration for hair loss treatment and EXO-Aging facial treatments also followed.